10. Molding and casting

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Molding and Casting

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Fab-20190320B_Review08: embedded programming
Fab-20190320D_Lesson09: molding and casting


group assignment:
review the safety data sheets for each of your molding and casting materials,
then make and compare test casts with each of them

individual assignment:
design a mold around the stock and tooling that you’ll be using,
mill it (rough cut + (at least) three-axis finish cut),
and use it to cast parts

Learning outcomes

  • Design appropriate objects within the limitations of 3 axis machining
  • Demonstrate workflows used in mould design, construction and casting

nueval-Check List

  • Explained how you made your files for machining
  • Shown how you made your mould and cast the parts
  • Described problems and how you fixed them
  • Included your design files and ‘hero shot’ photos of the mould and the final object
  • Reviewed the safety data sheets for each of your molding and casting materials, then made and compared test casts with each of them


  • I want to only make a wax mould, and cast something in it. Is that acceptable?
    • Learn and go through the 3 step process first . To break the rules you have to master the rules.
  • Can I 3D print the mold? Can I do a lasercut?
    • No, for this assignment you must mill the mould using a CNC milling machine.


12.1. Introduction to Molding and Casting- Video
12.2. Molding and Casting - FabModules
- Examples

For Japanese


  • Global Evalが始まりました
    • now proceed to request Global Evaluation for your students
    • 3 assignments or more already checked
    • Once they are assigned to a Global Evaluator, that credit is used, and they will have to pay a new evaluation if they don’t finish now.
      • continuing students
        • one free re-eval/person
        • pay after two cycles
  • Week 1- week 9
    • 指摘 > 修正・Student’s checklistをチェック > 全てチェックが3週以上 > Global Evalをリクエスト可 > Global Evalatorがアサインされる
  • week 10以降
    • Student’s checklistが全てチェックされた週 > 確認 > (指摘 > 修正) > Global Evalへ
  • 期限
    • Apr 24: sort go/?/no-go for review
    • Jun 19: last date to submit for review
    • Jun 26: last date for feedback from review
    • July 3: last date for review feedback


  • 3Dデザイン
    • positive
    • 位置合わせ凹凸
  • ワックスをMDX-15で削る
    • positive
    • ケーブル:黒
    • PC: Windows
    • ソフト:ローランド製(Fabmodules,modsは使用しない)
      • rough cut
        • 0.1250” DIA 2FL SE AlTiN 1/8
        • 0.1250” DIA 4FL SE LONG AlTiN 1/8
      • finish cut
        • 0.0625” DIA 2FL SE AlTiN 1/16
        • 0.0625” DIA 2FL BALLNOSE AlTiN 1/16
        • 0.1250” DIA 4FL BALLNOSE LONG AlTiN 1/8
    • ワックスは回収 > 再利用
  • シリコンをワックスに流し入れ、型をとる
    • negative
  • ウレタン樹脂をシリコン型に流し入れ、成果物
    • positive
    • ウレタン樹脂には色をつけることも可
    • 低融点金属も使用可



  • モールド・キャスト
    • 換気に注意
    • ゴーグル、手袋を着用
    • 机等の養生をしっかりして、汚れを残さないように
    • 硬化時に発熱します
      • 未反応液は反応させてから捨てる
  • 金属
    • 電気コンロ等の熱源を使用するので火傷に注意
      • 低融点とはいえ、融解した液体を加熱し続けると高温になる
    • 溶かしている最中・溶けた金属の扱いに注意
    • 鉛・カドミウム含有

For Next Week


individual assignment:
measure something: add a sensor to a microcontroller board
that you have designed and read it

group assignment:
probe an input device’s analog levels and digital signals