Local Broadcast (Mac)

Audio Flow

Video Flow

Audio Setup

Install Soundflower

- 2 virtual Audio Devices - Soundflower(2ch) - soundflower(64ch)

Install iShowU Audio Capture

  • 1 virtual Audio Device
    • iShowU Audio Capture

Setting Audio MIDI Setup

- make Multi-Output Device, which has 2 out ports - Soundflower(2ch) goes to Hangout input - Built-in Output goes to Instructor’s PC speaker or earphone - how to: - Open Audio MIDI Setup: Launchpad > others > Audio MIDI Setup - + > Create Multi-Output Device > Multi-Output Device > [Use]Built-in Output > [Use]Soundflower(2ch) > Drift Correction [On] > Master device: Soundflower(2ch)

Install BlueJeans APP

- Browser Version can not select Multi-Output Device as Speaker

Setting BlueJeans APP

  • Camera: ManyCam Virtual Webcam (select after setup ManyCam. FaceTime HD Camera is OK, so far)
  • Microphone: iShowU Audio Capture
  • Speaker: Multi-Output Device, which goes Soundflower(2ch)+Built-in Output

Install Goole Hangout Extention for Chrome

Setting Hangout

  • Video: Facetime HD Camera
  • Microphone: Soundflower(2ch), which is from BlueJeans and goes to Students PC Speaker via Internet
  • Speaker: Soundflower(64ch), Students voice will come out from here and this output goes to mixer(LadioCast)
  • Screen Share: > Application Window > BlueJeans

Install LadioCast


  • Input 1
    • Soundflower(64ch) from hangout comes in
    • It goes to Output MAIN iShowU Audio Capture
    • It also goes to Output Aux1
  • Input 2
    • Instructors PC Mic, so Instructors can talk from here
    • It goes to Output MAIN
  • OutPut MAIN
    • It will mix Student’s and Instructor’s voice
  • Output Aux1
    • Instructors PC Speaker
    • Instructors can monitor all audio here

Video Setup


Attention: Free version never turn off ManyCam LOGO on the screen

I’m still looking for better software. Please tell me if you find it.

Setting ManyCam

  • right click on 2nd video source > Desktop > App Window
    • too many option comes out, but hangout is one of “Google Chrome”. Try!

Screen Shot