How to make hole-image from Eagle to Fabmodules

When making holes image, pad name and signal name is over the milling shape


Option > Set…

Setting > Misc
Off: Display pad names
Off: Display signal name on pads

Milling shape is shown clearly.

Show only Pads Layer

File > Export > Image

Check: Monochrome
Resolution: 800 dpi


File > open

Chose: Defalt import resolution

Path > Bitmap trace

Chose: Brightness border > OK

Move passed image so far

Chose and Delete original image(left)

Move path image(right) to origin(0,0) by typing X:0 and Y:0

Remove outline nodes first

Remove outside pad shape nodes

Only hole parts are left

File > Export as PNG

Export area: Page
x0(X): 0.000
y0(y): 0.000

Image size: same as x1
Width: same as x1
Height: same as y1
DPI: may not 800

then Export


Check the size in Eagle


Change resolution and make sure the size is almost same shown in Eagle