6. 3D Scanning and printing



group assignment:
test the design rules for your 3D printer(s)
individual assignment:
design and 3D print an object (small, few cm3, limited by printer time) that could not be made subtractively 3D scan an object (and optionally print it)

Previous year


  • 3D Scanning and Printing
  • Learning outcomes
  • Identify the advantages and limitations of 3D printing and scanning technology
  • Apply design methods and production processes to show your understanding

Have you?

  • Described what you learned by testing the 3D printers
  • Shown how you designed and made your object and explained why it could not be made subtractively
  • Scanned an object
  • Outlined problems and how you fixed them
  • Included your design files and ‘hero shot’ photos of the scan and the final object

To Do

3D Printer

grope assignment

  • テストピースを3Dプリントして、使用する3Dプリンターの特性を考察する
  • ダウンロード可 class site
  • 昨年まではthingiverseなどからテストピースを探してプリントしていた

individual assignment

  • additive process(付加工程) vs subtractive process(削除工程)
  • 3Dデータを作る(ダウンロード不可)
  • 小さいもの(数cm3)
  • subtractivelyで制作が困難なもの Assessment FAQ
  • Define cannot be made subtractively Answer: Your model has undercuts, overhangs or nested parts

3D scanner

individual assignment

  • 何か3Dスキャンする
    • Sense, iSense> .obj or .ply > Win: 3Dビューア
    • photogrammetry: 写真 > サーバー > ダウンロード
  • 大きさ等制限なし
  • optionally print it

Bellus3D - https://bellus3d.co/2f196dbf447

ReCap Photo - youtube

Computer-Controlled Machining

Next week

  • Monday Recitation 23:00-24:00
  • accessibility
  • Tuesday Asian Regional Review 12:00 & 21:00
  • 12:00-: zoon http://fab.academany.org/2020/video.html
  • 21:00-: zoom or bluejeans Bluejeans.com/u/fablab/1248
  • Wendnesday Class 23:00-2:00
  • electronics design
  • assignment
    group assignment:
    use the test equipment in your lab to observe the operation of a microcontroller circuit board
    individual assignment:
    redraw an echo hello-world board,
    add (at least) a button and LED (with current-limiting resistor)
    check the design rules, make it, and test it
    extra credit: simulate its operation