Fusion360 <– DXF –> EAGLE

Fusion360’ Sketch DXF to EAGLE’s outline

Export DXF From Fusion360 Sketch

Import DXF to Eagle by ULP import-dxf

EAGLE BRD > run import-dxf

  • File name: your DXF file
  • Target layere: 48 Document
  • input Units: Metric(mm)
  • Scale: 1


Ensure the size - dimension - Grid - etc

Delete unnecessarily lines

Select all lines

Convert To Polygon

Polygon for outline milling is made

EAGLE’s outline DXF to Fusion360’ Sketch

Export DXF From EAGLE 40 Document

Drow Polygon in 48 Document in EAGLE BRD
Ensure the size

Select Polygon

Convert to Wires

Export to DXF

Import DXF to Fusion360

Off except 48 layer.

Ensure the size