New student repo

Welcome to your new Fab Academy site

Visit for class and other information.

  • This website is built and published automatically using GitLab CI, every time you edit the files in the docs folder
  • The markdown content is generated into a site using the Mkdocs tool, a static site generator written in Python
  • You can start by customizing the file mkdocs.yml with your information
  • To change the looks of your website, use the theme options found in the mkdocs.yml file or see the names of the available themes
  • If you want to start a website from scratch, you can delete everything in this repository and push your own static website

Project layout

mkdocs.yml    # The site configuration file.
docs/         # All site content/files should be in this folder.  # The homepage.
    files/    # Put files you'd like available in your site here (except videos)
    images/   # You can put your images in here # Other markdown pages and folders

Read more about MkDocs at

Building mkdocs locally

To work locally on your computer with this project, you can start with the following the steps:

Remember to setup your SSH keys to work locally, see GitLab Docs

  1. Clone or download this project on your computer
    • Find the clone url at the top of your projects “overview” page
    • Run git clone
  2. Install MkDocs on your computer
  3. Preview your project: mkdocs serve, your site can be accessed under localhost:8000
  4. To add new pages, create the markdown file in the docs/ folder (i.e. touch docs/
  5. Push your changes to GitLab to automatically publish your changes
    • git commit -m "Updated site"
    • git push master

Git global setup

Do not forget to configure your local git environment, with same details used on Gitlab-Fabcloud.

git config "You Name"
git config ""