18. Mechanical design & Machine design



Mechanical design
group assignment:

  • design a machine that includes mechanism+actuation+automation
  • build the mechanical parts and operate it manually
  • document the group project

individual assignment:

  • document your individual contribution

Machine design
group assignment:

  • actuate and automate your machine
  • document the group project

individual assignment:

  • document your individual contribution

Previous year


Learning outcomes

  • Work and communicate effectively in a team and independently
  • Design, plan and build a system
  • Analyse and solve technical problems
  • Recognise opportunities for improvements in the design

Have you?

  • Documented the machine building process to the group page
  • Documented your individual contribution to this project on your own website
  • Linked to the group page from your individual page as well as from group page to your individual pages

On the group page, has your group:

  • Shown how your team planned and executed the project
  • Described problems and how the team solved them
  • Listed future development opportunities for this project
  • Included your design files
  • Optionally included an aprox. 1 min video (1920x1080 HTML5 MP4) + slide (1920x1080 PNG)


  • Global evaluation > Assigned > pending


weekly global open lab

  • Saturday 9:00A EDT
  • 10:00PM JST
  • http://fab.academany.org/2020/mcu.html
  • password: 1234

Lab open

What to do after Lab open

  • mill pcb
  • input week
  • output week
  • networking week

  • milling wax

  • molding and casting

  • group assignment

  • input week: Oscilloscope and probe an input device(s)’s analog and digital signals.
  • output week: Measure the power consumption of an output device

  • wild card week

  • embroidery

  • final project

To Do


  • ??

Group assignment page

  • Machine Building Process
    • How your team planned the project
    • How your team executed the project
  • Optionally
    • 1 min video (1920x1080 HTML5 MP4)
    • slide (1920x1080 PNG)
  • Link
    • Group page to individual page
    • Individual page to group page

Individual assignment page

  • detail
    • design your machine that includes mechanism+actuation+automation
    • operate manually
    • actuate and automate your machine
    • Software
      • MQTT
      • actuation

Next week

  • Monday Recitation 23:00-24:00
    • machines
  • Tuesday Asian Regional Review
    • 12:00
      • zoom http://fab.academany.org/2020/video.html
    • 21:00
      • zoom http://fab.academany.org/2020/meetings.html
    • pw:1234
  • Wendnesday LAST Class 22:00-1:00
    • Project Development

- none